WORDLESS MAGIC – It is a rare concert that evokes many disparate memories with equal intensity, so that listeners can recover lost threads and spin skeins of time and place, reeling them in to reconstruct the fragments of their lives. The Grand Finale concert of the Calcutta School of Music’s centennial celebrations was one such: the rich, resonant sounds of the Bohuslav Martinu Orchestra conducted masterfully by Debashish Chaudhuri, along with Jana Chaudhuri’s powerful pianism, made this concert a first for this city in many decades.

– Daily Telegraph – India


CZECH PHILHARMONICS LEFT INDIA SPELLBOUND – In the course of the concert tour, realized between January 10 and January 21, 2018, the philharmonic orchestra gratified the Indian classical music enthusiasts in four Indian cities, in Delhi, Mumbai, Panjim (Goa), and Kolkat….The commitment and brilliant performances put by the conductor and all the musicians did not go unheeded. The audience expressed their unrelenting gratitude with long-lasting applauses and demands for encores. In response to these demands, the soloist presented one of Chopin’s nocturnes.

– Embassy of the Czech Republic in New Delhi


EBULLIENT! – Brought to India by the Czech government to celebrate 70 years of Indo-Czech diplomatic relations, the evening had some obvious, and some not-so-obvious Indo-Czech connections. The most obvious was the ebullient Maestro Debashish Chaudhuri, once of Kolkata, now of the Czech Republic, who conducted rousing versions of Dvorák’s Eighth Symphony and Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No 2. The soloist was Jana Chaudhuri, one of that country’s leading pianists. As an encore, she played a beautifully paced version of a Chopin Nocturne.

– Open The Magazine